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Shower steamers are designed to slowly release fragrant and revitalizing aromatherapy oils into the hot steam of your shower. Luxiny shower steamers are 4 times the size of most shower steamers on the market today. To fight exhaustion, lift your mood, or reduce stress choose Luxiny’s Orange Citrus energizing shower steamer.

Each Luxiny aromatherapy shower steamer is handmade in small batches and infused with more than 22 drops of professional grade essential oils for a fragrant, long lasting scent. Made in America with premium all-natural ingredients these vegan shower steamers are non-slip, safe for septic systems, and cruelty free.

1) Place the tablet in the mesh bag and hang indirectly from the mainstream of the water.
2) Activate the tablet’s aroma by allowing some of the hot water to spray on the tablet. The hot water will begin to melt the tablet and trigger the release of the essential oil’s aroma into your shower’s steam.
3) When the aroma begins to dissipate repeat step 2.
4) Enjoy the reinvigorating effects of the Luxiny shower steamer.
  • 4 TIMES LARGER THAN OTHER STEAMERS! Most shower steamers on the market weigh 1 oz. (30g) each and are made in China. Our whopping 4 oz. (120g) shower bombs are handmade here in America with all natural ingredients. Our mind & body restore shower steamers are made safe for the entire family to enjoy.
  • YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST. Luxiny shower steamers aromatherapy benefits are immense. We infuse each vapor shower tab with more than 22 droplets of premium essential oil for long lasting maximum aroma.
  • THE PERFECT SHOWER STEAMERS for men, women and teens who want to transform their routine shower into a fabulous bathing experience that boosts mood, clears the mind, and reduces stress. These bombs for the shower make the perfect gift for that ‘hard to buy for friend’, hostess gift, or as a party favor.
Citrus Splash Shower Steamer - Single
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